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Trade your Live Account or Become a Funded Trader!

Trade Live Accounts or Pass Challenge Accounts. The only full package on the market that has access to Signals, Ai Trading Bots, Live Trading & Education.


Results are tracked & verified

How it Works
Easy. Simple. Profits. 

Step 1

After purchase you will be given access to mulitple Genesis trading servers & access to over 5 Ai Trading Bots 

Step 2

Connect the Ai Trading Bot(s) to your Live or Funded Account or Start Trading in the Signal Channel & Live Trading.

Step 3

Enjoy fully automated Ai systems & Trade notifications sent directly to your phone. Pass Challenge accounts or grow your live account. 

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Trade with your Live Account or Get Funded!

Genesis Lifetime Funded 

$954 ($1,999 Original)

/ One-Time

1. Ai Trading Bots: Lifetime Access**

3 Proprietary Funded Trading Bots

Access to over 10 Ai Trading Bots

100% Automated Ai Trading

Multi Prop Firm Support & Full Guide

Access to: Funded Pro Bots

1 Account Access

2. Ai Signals: Lifetime Access

Access to 2 Trading Channels​

Genesis Scalping​

Crypto & Stock Portfolio Builder

3. Live Trading: Lifetime Access

Monday - Friday Live Trading NY Session​

4. Education: Lifetime Access

Access to professional traders for education & questions

Priority Live Support

Third-Party Verified by Social Trader

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Signal Group
(No Bots - Trading Signals Only)


/ Month

Ai Signals

Access to 2 Trading Channels​

Genesis Scalping

Crypto & Stock Portfolio Builder

Live Trading

Monday - Friday Live Trading NY Session​


Access to professional traders for education & questions

Priority Live Support

Access: All Account Types

Third-Party Verified by Social Trader

3 Years of Ai Trading Reults
3 Years of Signals Results
All Trades are Recorded & Verified
  • Why would I Choose Genesis?
    Genesis International has been around for over 5 years. We are one of the only companies in this industry that has 3+ years of third-party verified results for our Signals & Ai Trading Bots. This is the only package in the market that has access too over 10+ Ai Trading Bots, Live Signals, Live Trading, Education & Live Support.
  • Automated Trading vs. Trading Signals
    AI trading bots and trading signals are different approaches to automate trading. AI bots use artificial intelligence to analyze market data, execute trades based on predefined algorithms, and provide benefits such as automation, data-driven decision making, emotion-free trading, and backtesting. Trading signals, on the other hand, are alerts or recommendations generated by experts or automated systems. They offer benefits such as expert guidance, time-saving, flexibility, and learning opportunities. The choice between the two depends on individual preferences and trading goals, using both at the same time is the most optimal trading approach in existence.
  • How does it work?
    Once you signup we will send you a full setup guide for the Ai Trading Bots and how to use the Signals. You will then have lifetime access to 10+ Ai Trading Bots, Live Signals, Live Trading, Education & Live Support.
  • *Are there any additional fees?
    The Signals, Live Trading, Education and Support are UNLIMITED ACCESS FOR LIFE after the One-Time-Payment. The 10+ Ai Trading Systems will be included in the One-Time-Payment for 2 Years NO COST with 1 Account Access. *After 2 Years there is a $29/ Month Maintenance fee only for the 1 Account with the 10+ Ai Trading Systems.
  • Is there a free trial?
    You can test any of our Ai Trading Systems on for a 7-Day Free Trial.
  • What are the requirements?
    All you will need is your phone or computer we will handle everything else for you.
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