Frequently asked questions

Are there any additional fees?

No, the only fee you will ever pay us is the pricing plan you choose for your bot.

Is there a free trial?

We can not offer free trials, but we do run many different promotions.

How does it work?

Once you sign up you will be given an instruction guide via email. Short and simple setup and once the tool is set you are able to turn off your computer/phone and leave it run 24/6. Once Genesis Go is active there is no other further action needed. You will also receive an invite to our Telegram channel. In this channel we will provide 24/7 live support and updates.

Is this refundable?

We encourage our members to take a long-term perspective when using Genesis Go. After you sign up we send all of our information to you, therefore it is non-refundable. However, you can cancel your plan before the next renewal date anytime and anywhere via our website and the email you used to login.

What are the requirements?

Phone or Computer. The tools will be running 24/6 In the cloud.

Why would I Choose Genesis Go?

We provide next-generation tools to enhance your trading experience. We have 24/7 customer service and a dedicated team to help you along your journey.